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What is CSM?

What is Customer Success Management (CSM)? Lincoln Murphy said it best by explaining it is “a proactive, holistic, and organization-level approach that leverages technology and real-time visibility into customer health to ensure your customers… continually and increasingly receive value from your product over the course of their lifetime as a customer.”

In other words, CSM best practices help keep your customers in your boat instead of floating down the river alone. This is more important than ever as our economy accelerates toward the subscription model. Businesses relying on the future revenue of returning customer must employ the correct customer engagement strategies. Otherwise, the tendency is for customers to drift toward the shiny new service offered by your competitors.

Understanding your customers starts with data analysis. CustomerSuccess.Pro excels at big data and statistical analysis using programs like Tableau. As you float down the currents of an ever-changing industry, I hope you will invite us into your boat. We love a great customer journey.