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Golf’s Ultimate Customer Success

I really enjoyed watching Jordan Spieth win his fourth golf tournament of the year and his second in a row. This coming weekend, he’ll strive to do the unthinkable by winning the first three majors of the year. While I have rooted for Jordan before he won his first event, I’m not expecting him to hoist the Claret Jug at the Open Championship on Sunday. So few have achieved this milestone because golf is very challenging. Based on my experience teeing it up, I can’t fathom how Jordan can maintain his consistent, high-level of play all summer. Even for professionals, golf is frustratingly inconsistent. Case in point: Tiger Woods.

Being a Customer Success Management (CSM) consultant, I started wondering what golf would be like if courses utilized customer success strategies. Companies implement CSM to avoid taking customers on a roller coaster ride along the customer journey of using their service. Smooth, consistent and constantly improving use of the software is what all customers want to experience. But golf is the exact opposite. One day I’ll shoot 75 and the next time out I’ll shoot 90. What customer would put up with a 20% decrease in performance in a week? None!

How would golf be different if the PGA ran a great customer success program for golf courses?

  1. Training. To start off, initial training would be built into the price of each round. New golfers would never be left to flounder out on the course because a professional would make sure they have a minimal level of training to ensure they feel comfortable.
  2. Monitoring performance. Golf courses could track your golf statistics and then provide follow-up training to fix your swing problems before the next round. Some newer golf apps track stats and highlight the area that needs the most improvement. But these apps can’t fix your swing (yet.)
  3. Segment Customers for Enjoyment. With CSM, golf courses would know your preferences and skill set so every foursome enjoys the experience. For example, smokers would be paired together and single digit handicappers would not be paired with a beginner.
  4. Successful Customers. More people would play golf if they could hit the golf ball consistently and not have to search the rough every hole. Golf course designers would create layouts that help golfers instead of penalizing them. And if we all played better, the round of golf would be faster for everyone. Faster = happier customers. Faster = more rounds of golf and more revenue for the golf course.

Golf is a frustrating game. Since the golf courses are not going to help, I should probably drop some coin for a pro to teach me.

If your company wants to elevate your CSM game to par or better, give me a call. As a CSM pro, I can evaluate your customer success program so customers return faster than my slice lands in the next fairway. Just don’t ask me to improve your golf game so you can tee it up with Jordan Spieth at the Open Championship.