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Lunchbox of Customer Success

Sometimes the strangest circumstances result in wonderful experiences. While running with my dog earlier this week, I could see some trash littering the street ahead of us. I live three blocks from a high school and you can imagine the type of trash thrown out of cars during the week. But as I approached the pile I found a black lunchbox instead. It was completely full of food and on top was a fun surprise. Dad left an inspirational note:

“Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.” –Zhuangzi
Be Happy! X0x0 Dad

What a wonderful statement! I don’t know if the student appreciated the idea but I sure enjoyed it. The dad placed inspirational notes in the lunchbox every day so I really enjoyed reading them. It inspired me to send inspirational texts to my son in college. Here is another quote I found:

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” –Vincent Van Gogh

Zhuangzi inspired me to think about Customer Success. First, are we leaving small surprises for our customers? This may involve an upgrade for a requested feature or a handwritten thank you note. A fun example of this occurred last week at the SalesForce Dreamforce conference. A company from Utah, ClientSuccess, hide surprises and tweeted hints to their locations. Some surprises included a Fitbit and AppleTV.

I also started thinking about the Customer Success goals of my customers. Are you treating Customer Success as a series of small things that eventually become a great painting? Do you need to invest hundreds of thousands on an expensive Customer Success dashboard or would it be best to spend a little time talking to your customers? When you talk to them, find out if they are still striving for happiness when using your solution or is the striving absent. If your Customer Success program is still striving for excellence, maybe it is time to bring in a pro.

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