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Does your business rely on new customers to replace the revenue of lost customers?

Has your churn rate fallen behind industry averages?

Are your marketing dollars targeting your highest lifetime value customer segment?

Did you know businesses that reduce customer churn by 1% a month will increase revenue 30% in three years? Since 2011, CustomerSuccess.Pro has generated over $5 million in new revenue for our clients by implementing strategies to retain more customers. Whether you want to dip your toes into customer success with an initial consultation or jump right into growing revenue, we offer a variety of plans for any size business.

“By uncovering a more profitable customer segment with a lower average churn rate, CustomerSuccess.Pro saved us thousands on marketing and grew our revenue 31%.”

Denver, Colorado Client

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Starter Plan

Suitable for startups <$1M/ARR
$19.90/ MO
  • Customer journey for startups
  • Retention playbook for startups
  • Subscription to newsletter
  • Quarterly call with consultant
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Professional Plan

Suitable for companies < $2M ARR
$79.90/ MO
  • Customer journey review
  • Retention playbook review
  • Analysis of customer metrics
  • Quarterly call with consultant
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Advanced Plan

Suitable for companies > $2M ARR
$999/ MO
  • Customer journey creation
  • Retention playbook creation
  • ReduceChuRn FrameworkTM Implementation
  • Monthly call with consultant
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Enterprise Plan

Suitable for corporate
$3899/ MO
  • All Advanced Plan features
  • On-demand CSM
  • Weekly status call
  • Service guarantee
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