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A Little About Us

CustomerSuccess.Pro was founded in 2011 just as customer success was becoming a popular term. Since then, we’ve helped many companies improve the customer experience, reduce churn, and increase revenue. The founders have twenty-five years of experience in customer success, data analysis, and technology adoption strategies. Their past consulting experience includes work with some of the largest fortune 500 companies including Southwestern Bell/AT&T, US Bank, and American Express Incentive Services. 

Predictive Data Analytics

Finding the ideal customer segmentation for your business is critical for creating an amazing journey. Our powerful data science team will identify your magic metric to improve customer retention.

Unique Customer Journey Plays

Not all playbooks are created equal. We work to understand your business and customers and recommend the custom plays that will reduce churn. 

The ReduceChurn Framework (TM)

After years of research and testing of best practices, our consultants utilize a proven methodology to implement customer success in any industry.  

How Do We Implement Amazing Customer Success?

Hint: Great People, Processes, and Technology

For growing companies without a dedicated customer success team, we utilize customer success professionals with proven processes and advanced technology. The end result is a new customer success program that is better than your competition, but as easy as outsourcing your taxes to an accountant. 

Companies should not need to spend hundreds of thousands to have great customer success. Reducing churn is a right, not a privilege of the wealthiest companies.

Customer Success Strategy

Your program starts with a vision

We work with your team to identify the right strategy for your business based on your brand differentiation.


Create a program with plays

Amazing customer journeys start with a defined process that is repeatable. 

Health Dashboard

Track customer success

Using data analytics and a process to score the customer health will help the company focus on the at-risk customers. 

Scale Your Team

On-demand play management

As your company grows, use our experts to implement your standard plays at a lower cost than hiring a full time customer success manager. 

Journey Mapping

Understand the customer experience

We map out your current journey and improve it to the ideal customer journey.

Voice of the Customer

Setting up a feedback loop

Feedback from the customers is critical for building a great customer experience. 

Expert Training

Certified Customer Success Training

Our expert trainers offer classes for your new and experienced customer success managers. 

Data Analytics

Understand your magic metrics

SaaS companies need accurate metrics on churn, lifetime value (LTV), segmentation, and the magic usage metrics that drive user adoption.